Investing sounds scary,
but it doesn’t have to be.

Investing yourself can be simple, low-maintenance, and low-cost.

Use Provisions to guide you through creating a personalized investment plan, so you can keep and make more money.

Most investors will find that the best way to own common stocks is through an index fund that charges minimal fees. Those following this path are sure to beat the net results (after fees and expense) delivered by the great majority of investment professionals. Seriously, costs matter.

Warren Buffett considered the most successful investor of the 20th century

Why Invest for Yourself?

When you give your money to someone else to invest, such as a mutual fund, a percentage of your money is taken off the top to pay for the fund—even when the fund loses money! “Even small differences in fees can translate into large differences in returns over time.”

Some actively managed funds can pressure you with sales tactics to invest in funds with higher fees or higher risk, making them rich while you become poor.

Why Use Provisions?

Learn by doing!


  • Follow clear step-by-step instructions in how to invest using low-cost index funds.
  • Understand investing terminology and concepts.
  • Assess your risk tolerance and your retirement goals.
  • Learn how to personalize your portfolio to match your situation.


  • Rebalance tool tells you exactly how much to put where to maintain your diversified portfolio.
  • Track portfolio performance against retirement goals.
  • Make balanced contributions to know where to put your money.
  • Use a secure offline portfolio, no linking of bank accounts.

What about automated investing?

There are many automated investing sites, such as Betterment and Wealthfront that automatically invest for you. They have great features to help you diversify, rebalancing and nice graphs to show you what your portfolio is doing, but why does it work?

Educate yourself before giving away a percentage of your money to make sure it's the right choice for you.

About Provisions

After we got married, we started to do Adult-Things™, such as saving for retirement, but we were at a loss about where to start. No one had taught us how to invest!

Picking individual stocks is very risky and we did not have the time or energy to to keep up with the ever-changing stock market. We had heard about index funds and bonds, but we didn't know the first thing about how to setup a portfolio and where to put the money. We took a long time to educate ourselves and read countless books and forums, wading through what felt like a jargon-laden field. Turns out investing yourself can be pretty straight-forward once you teach yourself the basics of how to do so!

People don't like to talk about money, but building Provisions gave us a chance to talk to friends and family about saving and investing. We discovered lots of people were in our boat, who knew they should start saving for retirement, but didn't know where to put their money.

We don't think it should be painful to start investing for your future, so we created Provisions to help you get started!